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Lulu Ruby Rose is an award winning violinist based in Bristol. She has travelled and toured extensively in many projects and specializes in Eastern European and world folk music. Lulu currently plays with the high energy Balkan band Opa Rosa, Turkish and Middle Eastern music project Chalguh Chengi, and Bristol-based folk quintet Hedera.

Lulu has studied many different styles of world music, including Turkish music and maqam in Crete with Giorgos Papaioannou, Bulgarian music with Atanas Slavov at The Plovdiv Academy of Music and Dance in Bulgaria, Middle Eastern music with Maren Lueg in Turkey, and Klezmer music in Weimar with Cookie Segelstein.

Lulu has collaborated with projects such as jazz-tinged Klezmer band Chai for All, progressive pop, folk and rock band The Moulettes, and jazzfolk duo Selke. She performs regularly at yoga events and dance festivals, has worked with story-tellers and as part of circus acts; as well as featuring as a musician on award winning Starz series the Spanish Princess.

Lulu is currently touring her latest album ‘A Feast from the East’ with Opa Rosa, and will also be touring this summer across the UK with Turkish project Chalguh Chengi. Lulu’s playing reflects her passion for and love of the violin in all its diversity.

“Opa Rosa give an electrifying performance of Balkan, Klezmer and Roma music, every detail and ornament of which is played with fiery precision. It’s hard to stay seated at an Opa Rosa show!”  Beth Roberts, Cuculi Records

Current Projects

Opa Rosa Promo Photo.png

Opa Rosa

Chalguh Chengi

 Opa Rosa are an energetic quartet of Bristol-based instrumentalists, sharing music from the Klezmer, Balkan, Greek & Roma traditions. Drawing together a collection of vibrant melodies played with fiery precision, Opa Rosa will take you on a journey through the Balkans and beyond. 


Chalguh Chengi – ‘spirit of live music and dance’ in Turkish – is a vibrant exploration of some of the myriad folk and classical music and dance styles rooted in the traditions of Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East.
Chalguh Chengi are a band of musicians and dancers who collaborate to deliver high energy, interactive live music and dance shows.

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