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Music Tuition


Lulu is an experienced classical player and has been teaching the violin for over 10 years. She has obtained her Level 1 in the Suzuki Method of violin teaching and is currently undertaking her Level 2.


Lulu teaches students of all ages and levels, both world music and classical. She teaches privately and also regularly runs workshops with Opa Rosa, where students can learn Klezmer/Balkan music in an inclusive, friendly learning space in which all levels are welcome.

Please be in touch if you would like violin lessons or to find out more info about the Opa Rosa teaching sessions!


Mobile: 07770714365

"If you are on the fence about violin lessons - definitely give Lulu a try. She has a knack for making her students feel relaxed and at ease, and is very responsive to what you want to work on and the kind of music you want to play. I gave up violin at one point and thought I might never play again, then started having Balkan and Klezmer lessons in August 2021 and now it's the highlight of the week!" - Nick Trapp

Lessons for Beginners

Lulu can help you if you are at the beginning of your violin journey, whether you are a child/adult learner. She is currently training in her Level 2 of the Suzuki Method of violin teaching and has attended many workshops and residencies on teaching, specializing in begninners. Whichever direction you want to take your playing in, Lulu can help you set up a solid technique and make a beautiful sound; the basis for any violinist in whatever style one may choose to specialise in.


"Lulu is an excellent teacher. She makes my daughter feel encouraged to learn the violin in a very happy way, with clear instructions and explanations." - Fatma Mekik


Lessons for Adults

Lulu can help students who are coming back to the violin after a break, needing technical exercises and guidance in how to re-establish their connection with the instrument, aswell as those wishing to learn world music and how to play klezmer/balkan tunes authentically! Also those who simply wish to play for fun and learn tunes/improvisation/accompaniment techniques. She can break down ornaments and teach various styles of world music, and tailor lessons to what you may require. 

"Lulu is a Conscientious violin teacher who provides a professional and personal service. She tailored my lessons to suit the style of music I wanted to play and was able to make the lessons enjoyable aswell as instructive, thankyou!" - Laura Sleep

"Lulu is a fantastic violin player and teacher. She provides some much needed structure around my practice and always knows what I'm working on. Her suggestions for improvement are really helpful and she is so encouraging. I'm so motivated to keep progressing with my violin journey. Thank you Lulu" -Rhiannon Burrell

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